5 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Trip to Disney World

Today is the official start of the summer! Although I started my summer weeks ago today is the official summer solstice, and most people are heading to their favorite vacations spots, for those of us heading to Disney here are some tips for you!
I got the idea the other day while on Facebook and one of my pals was asking for tips about her upcoming Disney trip with her family. So I started telling her a few of my trusted tricks. She told me since I’m such a connoisseur I should write a Disney manual LOL 

yeah… no, I don’t think I need to do all that, but I did think a post was needed. 

Hope this helps!

Tip 1: Plan your day

As much as I am a spur of the moment person who is completely allergic to planning, I find planning my day before heading to the Disney park very important and beneficial.
By planning I mean pick the 3 most important attractions at the park you have got to visit. Whether it is Visiting Cinderella, flying with peter pan or ride space mountain… pick your top three and schedule them in your FASTPASS, which you can do on the Disney website. or APP. This will save you so much time standing in line and you’ll know if anything else fail  you got to do your 3 most important things.

Tip 2: Bring your own bottles of water

I don’t know about the other parks but here in Orlando, FL is it most likely hot and water breaks are a necessity for EVERYONE, which mean more line. Having your own will definitively save you time standing in line, money and avoid a catastrophe like waiting for Anna and Elsa for hours, then you’re 3rd in line and your kids starts crying for water and you didn’t have any. Not a good thing at all!

Tip 3: Bring your own snacks
Just like the water problem snacks are kinda necessary too. When you’re loaded with snack it helps saves time, money and keep you sane.
The last thing you need is a case of the “Hangry” also known as anger brought by hunger. Not cool! 
Disney fun also equal lots of standing in line, you want it to be fun and endearing. Waiting on an empty stomach is no fun!

Tip 4: Bring a fully charged phone 

or even a backup Wi-Fi enabled tablet or something. I don’t need to even tell you to keep your phone charged up, I think it’s become second nature for all of us. Now the reason I say this besides the Facebook and Instagram shares of cute photos of princesses. You will want to use the Disney APP.

Tip 5: Download  the Disney World experience app

The Disney APP is extra magical 
Once you are on the property there’s a GPS locating features that tell you where you are, what’s nearby, with the wait time.  I absolutely love this app, for a direction challenge person like me, my biggest fears, when I went for the first time, was that I would spend my day getting lost looking for things, but the app give step by step directions. which helps to maximize my time. while waiting for my schedule meeting with Cinderella on my FastPast, I can catch the Mickey Philharmagic 3D show, ride the carousel, and take a few pictures with Gaston by the bridge all without leaving the area and be on time for my schedule FastPast.

on the app you can schedule your FastPass, make changes to them. Check out what’s going on around you. There are things about Disney you may not even know about them the app will say there’s a show 10ft from you and wait time is 10mn #score! you can also make dinner reservation basically everything you can do on the site plus the added features I told you about.