I have a love/hate relationship with my Organic co-op. Sometimes they send me stuff I have no idea what they are. These are called FL ROMANESCO CAULIFLOWER I couldn’t find a recipe for them so I made my own.

I call it buttery steamed romanesco cauliflower!
steamed it for about 15 minutes and voila!
It turned out pretty good.  I even got one kid to eat it and loved it, one kid was too full to try, so we’ll try again another time.
Do you like cooking new food?
Even things you’ve never seen before?

8 thoughts on “Meeting new foods – FL ROMANESCO CAULIFLOWERS

  1. That looks yummy!!! It almost reminds me of broccoli. Does it taste like cauliflower or something different? I like trying new things, but I hate the fact that I would be the only one eating it. lol

  2. it does look a lot like broccoli, they "flower" is bigger and the stem shorter. the outside has leaves that looks like collard and the broccoli looking part is in the middle. it taste a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, a bit sweeter and firmer. I just ate the rest of it for lunch I really like it.
    Sometimes it's that way for me, there are things that I end up eating alone, but most of the time I can get the kids to try it.

  3. I do NOT like trying new things unless, maybe, if it has cheese on it. :o) I LOVE cheese!!!! SO anything with cheese – yes, I will take that recipe, otherwise, I'll leave it. I love that you are trying new things and even creating your own recipes. You go girl! lol

  4. Steph is a mess!!! This looks so good and def reminds me of broccoli! Now I want some and probably won't find any. How about you leave some for us at the timeshare when you go on your trip. The place you're staying at is like 5 min from us…LMAO!!!

  5. oh you would probably love my latest artichoque a la cheese LOL this one was a terrible fail. I love trying new foods. I'm the person who eat strange things on the food truck at he fair lol

  6. yeah it might be hard to find, by it's name it might be a FLorida crop that they don't grow a lot of since I've never seen this in the store

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