I finally made it to our neighborhood Trader Joe’s

Why is this new worth reporting? LOL
Because I’m a trader joe’s fanatics, I use to order their stuff online, every natural know that Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner is the truth!

I stopped ordering online, because last May we got our very own trader joe’s right around the corner. 

And I have never been!!!

This week I finally made it out there looking for some organic butter. I usually don’t care because I figure we’re only using butter in small amounts, regular non organic, possibly GMO-ed butter was fine. But Lately my kids has gotten on a butter kick!

Butter on everything!!!

carrot dip butter, butter bread, butter over rice, you name it!

So it was time to make better choices. I don’t want them growing a third leg or anything. 

So that’s why I made the trip to trader Joe’s For some butter!!!

But here’s what happen…

That was just one part of my stuff, not pictured are my hair conditioners, snacks and who knows they had so much wine

Everything was so delicious! Although I grow my food, I’m not an organic snob. I just love to garden but it’s no lie the organic stuff taste so much better.

I went on a limb to try this quinoa pasta, I tried to switch my pasta before, because I wasn’t very impress with the ingredients in my regular one. 

I had tried the whole grain kind before BLECH!

Mind you I don’t like brown rice and I haven’t tried quinoa, I read the benefits of both versus regular rice, eh not enough to make me switch! But this spaghetti pasta was so delicious! 

I gobble it up, the kids gobble it up! We had no left over and it was a HIT!

What impresses me was the ingredient list Brown rice, quinoa, water that’s it!!!

when was the last time you pick up something with 3 items in the ingredient list??

Now I have no words to describe the deliciousness of this yogurt! I know greek yogurt is loaded with healthy goodies, but the only thing I usually use it for is to deep condition my hair. Sorry can’t take the tang.  

But this baby here has honey! Creamy sweet deliciousness!

Did you know they had mini size shopping carts for the kids? LOL 

I can’t wait to go back with the girls they gonna love having their own cart to push.

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood? What’s your favorite item there?

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