Easy Baked Jerk Sweet Potato Fries

Easy Baked Jerk Sweet Potato Fries 

I had some folks ask me what’s “Jerk” for all my non-island friends Jerk is a spicy Jamaican seasoning that use to season chicken, just like the name indicate that thing is a jerk! If you can’t handle the heat stay away!!!

Anyway I found a bottle at one of the local store and I’ve been Jerking everything!

One of my latest Jerking adventure was with sweet potatoes.

What you need:
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Paprika
  • Jerk seasoning
  • Olive Oil

Throw it all in
Mix it all up and bake!

It was so good, we ate it all up from the baking tray, it never made it to a plate to take a picture of the finish product.

Take my word for it, it was awesome!

PS: They do make mild Jerk seasoning if you’re not into getting your taste bud violated by extreme heat.

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