Happy Saturday: Doll Passports!

Good Morning my fairest ones!
Greetings from the land far away! Today we are on a traveling around the world and we need passports.

If you’re stuck inside on this fair saturday morning, can’t play outside here’s a fun craft you can do that will stretch the imagination beyond geographical borders! 

Head over Arts and crafts for you AG dolls She’s got the passport all ready all you have to do is print it and get started. You can take pictures of your actual dolls, I took those of the box the came in since ours are fairly new.

For added fun, throw in a map and backpack and let imagination do the rest. My girls went to Paris, Japan, China, Norway, St John all without leaving our living room. With Lola and Rosie (the dollie friends) on board they had a blast.

Thanks to Google, I looked up facts about wherever they were going in their imagination to make the trip more authentic.

Sparkle Rosie requested that I cover up her last name and location cause she cares a lot about her privacy.

Lola too!

It’s boarding time!

Au revoir!

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