A better way to eat Collard Green

Collard greens are nutrient-packed, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C and K, as well as folate and calcium. 
They’ve been shown to lower cholesterol, help prevent cancer, and support detoxification. And they are loaded with fiber and a good dose of proteins.

Unfortunately after I smothered them in bacon drips and brown sugar southern style! There isn’t much left of all that goodness I mention. I go to great length to grow beyond organic greens  for my family, it is a shame to destroy all the nutrients after I went through all that work to ensure I get them in the first place.

I’m not a fan of greens, I know I need them in my diet but I do not like them Sam-I-Am!

With the added pickiness of my little people and even me… I need to get creative.
So that’s the story how my collard green inspired smoothie recipe was born

I grow my collard green on my tower garden but you can buy yours at the store, try to get organic, because when eating raw green you want to get as clean and chemical free as possible.

1 cup of chopped collard greens
1/2 a cup of frozen berries
1 cup of almond milk

It taste delicious! you won’t even know the greens were there.

How do you eat your greens?

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7 thoughts on “A better way to eat Collard Green

  1. What a great idea! I never knew what to do with collard greens when I saw then in the grocery store. This sounds healthy and delicious!

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