Happy Father’s day to my daddy in heaven!

I had a dream about my dad last night… it’s been a while since I had one. Most of the time, my dreams about dad are simply replayed memory, but this one was different, he aged, he had gray hair… don’t remember much but it was nice.

14 years ago, my daddy went on to be with the Lord. I remember working all day saving up all my money trying to get ready for Christmas, I had so many plan, I was gonna surprise my parents with presents that I BOUGHT with my own money (that was my first job). I came home from an overtime shift to receive a call that my dad was gone.

I might as well have been cut me in half and take my organ out and chop them off, I’m sure this news hurts more.

I cried until I didn’t have anymore tears, I never thought this pain would ever go away but it did.


its silly because I sing: “what a glorious day it would be when we get to heaven” but my dad trip to heaven just makes me sad(even bitter), but I’m happy he’s in heaven.

14 years later I still don’t like it but I feel better about it now.

I don’t know if heaven’s resident get sneak peek but I really hope they do… so dad could see that all the good stuff he speak into existence for me really did came true… for the most part, I did some messing up but I know he’d be proud!

I did finish school, I have a successful career, I have 2 beautiful baby girls, big bug and little bug. Big bug looks just like you, she even got the nose LOL, she got your smile, pick at food and shrug her shoulders just like you. little bug is picky clean just like you, and like to straighten up and closing doors behind her. Mom live with me now she watch the girls, all the weird stuff mom use to be annoyed with when you do them… now my girls do a lot of the same stuff and that  makes us laugh because they reminds us that you are still here with us.

Just in case you get to peek…

I’m sorry I cried today, I so wish you were still alive, I wish you had gotten to meet the girls, I will I could still talk to you!

I miss you so much! Happy father’s day to you and my heavenly father who will always be with me. Thank you daddy God for giving me my daddy.

“What a wonderful day it would be when we all get to heaven” see you there daddy