Growing JOY: Mom Edition

Being a mom is a calling, Taking care of little and not so little ones is a mission and our home is the mission field!
So rest assure God has equipped you with the ability to do your job. REST!!
No need to second-guessing everything you do, like I do. My oldest bug got in trouble at school, nothing major she is a professional chatter. She got in trouble for talking too much, that’s the second time I got a note from her teacher about her not paying attention. I don’t know why but I took it pretty hard, it felt like I failed or something. it’s completely stupid and doesn’t make any sense, the fact that my kid likes to talk doesn’t necessarily say anything about my parenting job but my emotion went right there!
I felt like I’m doing the terrible job, and my kids will never learn in school they will end up being terrible people, bad citizens and the list goes on.

What a lie?

The devil is a liar, counter his lies with God’s truth

I know that God’s word promises that my children are taught of the Lord, and when I teach them in the way they should go, they will not depart from it. I’m doing what God called me to do and I know He’s my partner in this. I’m not alone!
She’s in kindergarten, little girls chat! simple as that and this is nothing earth-shattering. 

Take Control of your Joy and Rest

Take a chill pill!
Little things like that are joy suckers! need a recipe to ruin your day? there you have it… but in retrospect, if you learn to remove your focus of the junk and know that these things will happen, kids act up, they’re going to make their own choices. All we need to do is to commit these children in the hand of God, (they’re His in the first place) and trust that He will grow the seeds we’ve planted.
How do you go about daily mom stuff that drains you?


3 thoughts on “Growing JOY: Mom Edition

  1. This is such a great post. Sometimes I worry that I pay more attention to my daughter. But she is so affectionate. She hugs me more, and kisses me more. Spending more time with my son is always on my head, but sometimes I think he loves daddy more.

  2. I think that your advice about taking a chill pill is excellent. Whether it's in parenting or in other areas of our lives. Remembering that the little problems. are just that little problems. And things will most work out well.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I often feel like being a mom isn't enough.. and if it IS all I do, my kids should be perfect. I do wish I could rest more…

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