Minnie Mouse Pancakes – Disney magic at home

I would say I go out of my way to make Minnie mouse pancakes for my kids but my kids are not the only ones in the house who love Disney. I’m a big kid myself and any way to bring a bit of Disney in my life I take it. Especially when they are so cute and delicious.

I’m a sharer so I decide to share the deliciousness with you all.

What You’ll Need to Make Minnie Mouse Pancakes:

  • Pancake mix prepared according to the packaging
  • Strawberries 

Once you are done mixing the Pancake batter all you need is one big pancake and two small ones for the ears.

I made those Minnie mouse pancakes for a little bug’s birthday breakfast once, now they are just a staple in our Saturday brunch. We just came back from Disney so the mouse was in my head. I was going for Mickey but as I started to cut the strawberries I thought they looked like bows. and voila!

I use one spoon of batter for each ear and two spoons for the face.

Then Cut the strawberry in three pieces, use the two outer layers face down to make Minnie’s red bow.

That’s it!

As you can see, the Minnie mouse pancakes were super simple to make, and my little bug loved it!

Let me know if you tried it 🙂

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