Sharing God with the little ones

I read somewhere that a parent pretty much has until the kids are 8 years old to witness to them after that it’s an uphill battle.
I’m not sure how true or false this statement is but better safe than sorry.

So I’m doing my best to make sure my little girls know and love the Lord early.

Love and know are very different, growing I knew God, I knew about God but I didn’t love Him.

I always view Him as this bully who wants me to do things His way and if I didn’t He would kill me, or make bad things happen to me.

Since I didn’t wanna die so I comply.

Now that I know what I know, I know that it is not the case. So I’m trying to teach my girls to Love God, and more importantly to receive God’s love for them.

There’s no manual on how to witness to small children so I’m just winging it and go with my heart.

Our routine consists of stories in the Bible and memorize part of verses, prayer, devotions and stuff like that.
The other day all 3 of us was sitting in my closet trying on shoes when my oldest one asked

mommy was does it mean when they say God is Holy

for a minute I felt like someone just throw cold water in my face. My mind is racing, I’m telling myself: it’s a great opportunity to teach, don’t screw it up! OK time to say something smart, Holy, from the bible… Quote, a verse or something.. no something a 6 yo would understand… OK Breathe, breathe, 5 seconds is almost over now say something!

I wrestle myself to find the perfect thing to say, I finally just blurb out

It means that God is without sin

What is sin

***repeat above steps***

After my 5 seconds panic in my head, I told them that sin was like icky germs that get you dirty and sick and God was really clean and he doesn’t like them.
she evaluates for a moment and says eh me either I don’t like icky germs I wanna be Holy too.
I know she took it in a literal sense, but I think I’m gonna live it at that for now.

Have your little ones asked you serious spiritual questions?

What was it?

How do you respond?

4 thoughts on “Sharing God with the little ones

  1. Your girls are so cute. They look so much like you. Just recently my son asked me why God created satan? He went on to ask several questions but I explained about free will and how some questions we just can't figure out or dwell on like…what did this place look like before time began…before he said Let there be light…what was it like? What was God doing? How does all that work? Don't try to figure it out…

  2. oh my! that's some question I can't even answer! the good thing about it, it open the doors for you to share God's word with them. even if those questions are pretty much un-answerable (if that's a word) you can steer the convo in a way they will learn something about God.
    I encourage mine to keep asking questions, so we can keep talking about it.

  3. Hi Naturalista! Beautiful picture of your girls and beautiful post. Continue to teach the HIS will and HIS ways. Blessings to you. (visiting from the blog hop)

  4. You know I never thought about some of what you said before, but I believe that you're right there is a difference between knowing God and loving him. And it's fabulous that you are teaching your children to love God. Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party!

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