5 ways to incorporate exercise in your busy day

Let me start by saying I HATE the gym! I cut up my ties with LA fitness, because I could be buying shoes with those $40.
Between work, family, ministry and well Life! I don’t have time for gym. although I probably wouldn’t be a faithful gym person even if I had time.
So how I do I keep myself from a heart attack and the food baby under control?

 Bring lunch & Walk on lunch break

Instead of buying lunch at work, I bring my own, usually a modify version of the previous night’s dinner.
Which is so much better because I can have a healthy-ish  lunch as oppose to the the greasy pizza, burger or Chinese food I would normally go for.
It saves me the time I was going to drive around looking for food I use it to walk.
I keep my tennis shoes in my office, just kick my heels and go for a walk.
My walk are so productive, I get blog ideas while walking, I get dinner ideas while walking, I pray while walking, I solve work issues while walking. So lunch walks are my best and number one way to stay active and healthy.

Join runner’s club at or around office

Is this even a thing? yes it’s a thing! A lot of people are doing it, ask around.
I was surprise to find out that around my office there’s a secret runner’s club. Some offices has secret showers they don’t let people know about, that you can use for quickie showers after runs.
Not sure why anyone would commit to such horrible practice *insert sarcastic font* but some people it’s their thing.
 I met this this lady while on my lunch walk who was going for a run and she told me about the secret showers and their running club. She says walking is boring!
*horrified face*
She made such a good case of it, she even convince me to go running with them. I went two times, after they nearly kill me I decide I’m not a runner and I’m more of a power walking kinda gal.
So moral is stick to what works for you.

Be a kid! When you take your kids to the park, Join the play too

I’m a big kid! I must have had some kinda deprived childhood cause there’s still some kid left in me.
Either at home or the park I join the play. I play tag, I climb, I play with anything that look like I can’t break it. I do NOT sit around and watch them play I join the play, move around anything that give my heart something to do. I sit in average 8 hours a day so, any little bit is better than nothing.

You’re still a grown up, you can get your heart rate up without disturbing everyone else. Use your own judgement on that one, don’t be creepy!
If you not in a playing mood there’s other things you can do at the park… I notice my arms was looking mighty nice from holding my daughters of the monkey bar.
Every little bit helps!

Take the stairs

I work in the 3rd floor, so I often make it a point to take the stairs instead of elevators. My shoes are not always stairs sensible, but whenever I can I do it. Three flight of stairs is guarantee to always get your heart rate up.

Park far

Make the walmart parking lot zoo situation work in your favors. I always scream “favors” when I get a close spot but now I still scream “favors” when I have to park way down the third lane too. cause that walk will definitely get the heart pumping.

Always be ready, keep an active mindset, leave tennis shoes at the office for spontaneous walks, leave comfy shoes in the car for when the opportunities rises. At least that how I do it!

How do you keep yourself active with a busy schedule?
Are you a gym brat?
Do you exercise at home?
What are your methods? Please share

5 thoughts on “5 ways to incorporate exercise in your busy day

  1. my lungs was so mad at me that dy I try running! I don't need all that just need to keep my heart healthy. I wanna try zumba, I wanted to get the kinect version, but I don't know how good it is.

  2. Those are some great tips! In my heart, I am a runner. My body says I'm not. I want to run, but I can't see myself running! Does that make sense?? LOLOL I do park farther away and I join my daughter for all the fun at the park. I am learning that I don't want to miss out on those opportunities to have fun.

  3. LOL I'm the same way, but my views change when my heart start feeling like a 90 year old! I'm not after abs just good heart rates!

  4. you should follow your heart and run! maybe join a runner club or something. I can run I just hate it lol
    I love hanging out at the park with the kiddos, it's my fun time too. 🙂

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