My daring experience with curlformers dupes

curlformers dupe amazon

Natural hair can be so much fun
I’ve always wanted to try curlformers, I’ve seen so many natural raves about it, and the results are to be envied. While I love seeing the results of the curlformer set, I was NOT down for that price!

No sir! so when I came across these curlformers dupes on from Amazon for only $15 something dollars! I was so game!

So I ordered them!

curlformers dupe amazon

Vakind Magic Leverage on Amazon

They came in a simple ziplock bag, no pretty pink bag but the actual product looks exactly the same to me.
I bought 2 bags of the 40 counts.

curlformers dupe amazon

So I had 80 curlformers dupes to play with.

curlformers dupe amazon

I manage to transfer most of them in my head.

curlformers dupe amazon

After a helluva night trying to sleep with two bags of curlfomers on my head. 
I woke up with curls! My hair was a super stretch and the curls were super slick and shiny. I don’t see myself including curlformers are a regular part of my regimen (which is why I didn’t want to drop a load on the “branded” curformers) but to satisfy my curiosity $15 was well worth it.

I wore the curls as is but ended up getting wet, some were turning puffy so I turn my look into this fancy updo. It lasted about a week, which is always a win for me! Will I try them again? I think yes! when it stops raining around this part.

Have you tried curlformers?
Would you try these dupes?

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7 thoughts on “My daring experience with curlformers dupes

  1. I have tried them. I also used the cheap ones. I just couldn't think of spending that much money on something like that! My curls never turned out silky and straight like everyone elses. I always had a "curly" curl. 🙁 I was sad because I wanted that silky straight looking curl. I don't use mine very often either…they kinda make my scalp sore. Just like the flexirods. I even sit under the dryer! Its like my hair only likes braids and twist outs. It doesn't cooperate with anything else!! bad hair, bad girl!

  2. did you let it dry all the way? maybe make them smaller, the curls do take a while to set most of the time you have dry over night.
    it's gonna be a minute before I try again, it does take some time

  3. Yes! the only difference was the pretty pink bag that the curlformers comes in. these came in a plain old ziplock bag but work just as good for a fraction of the price so no complain here

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