Unconventional Hair growth methods for natural hair, is it healthy?

South Florida Black Mom - Unconventional Hair growth methods for natural hair

I came across a post about women taking prenatal vitamins for the sole purpose of growing their hair. 

Is the idea reckless, excessive or just plain wrong?
I would say neither because first of all a woman is entitled to her own hair regimen, second of all prenatal vitamins are just vitamins supplement.
Supplement being the operative word… they do not replace the nutrition that one should be getting from good food.
Prenatal vitamins are believed to help with hair growth, I can attest to that when I was pregnant my hair growth was on TEN!
I also noticed when I include lots of wholes food in my diet my hair also grows a lot.
If your body is not getting the necessary nutrients when you eat your body is going to hijack the nutrient for a higher purpose like feeding your vital organs. 
The body only care for outside (hair, skin, nails) after the insides are taking care of. 
So it makes sense that supplements would help with hair growth because they are adding to the nutrient value the body needs, so any excess would serve the outside entities like hair, skin, and nails.
South Florida Black Mom - Unconventional Hair growth methods for natural hair
I remember my grandma use to check my nails every time I visit, she would yank skin down to check my eyes. If my nails were too white or had white markings on them, she would claim I need to drink her green concoctions. If my eyes… actually I don’t know what she checks for in my eyes but if she didn’t like how my eyes look she would make me eat something yellow like mangoes or Abricot. If it was my hair she would prescribe avocados or something with coconut that’s.
I was a picky eater, so this use to feel like her way of tricking me into eating foods I wouldn’t normally eat. But now in the age of the natural hair movement, I realize my grandma was beyond wise and ahead of her time.
 The reason she was doing all these checks is that you can sometimes evaluate your overall health just by looking at the state of your skin hair and nails.
A dry brittle hair can suggest dehydration, skin breaking out and lackluster can be a sign of unhealthy eating.
The saying you are what you eat is not so far fetched. Our bodies do reflect what we eat, not only in weight but in how we feel.
The content of our food has a lot to do with our hair growth. Curly afro hair is naturally dry and brittle so staying hydrated would go a long way in helping keep your strands properly moisturized. 
Taking a prenatal supplement for growing hair is not that much of an Unconventional Hair growth method, it make sense.  If you know you are not eating all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis, by all means, take a supplement! 
I try to take vitamin supplements, I lazy with it but I know I need to do better.
I’m not disciplined enough to keep up with daily vitamin intake. When I was pregnant I had to program an alarm on my phone, a secondary one on my outlook, and a sticky note to remind me to take them. I’m a gummy person I just can’t see myself popping these giant prenatal pills.
You can’t beat good food, no matter how much supplement you take they can’t replace food and water. One thing that I try to do is to stock up on banana, avocado, mangoes, papaya, blueberry, strawberry, collard green, eggs, whole-grain food that strengthens my system.
Even if you’re a picky eater who won’t eat all this stuff, you can drink them! You can juiced them, you can make smoothies with them, chop them into salads, stuffed in burrito wraps, by any means necessary fuel your body with good food.
Stay hydrated! While you can skip on healthy foods every so often, you can’t afford to miss your water, especially if you go the supplement route, water will help flush out all excess components out of your system.
Water intake will take you a long way toward being healthy, growing longer hair, having more beautiful skin.
Of all the Unconventional Hair growth methods for natural hair, water is the unsung hero! 
Not only does water help keep the hair moisturize on the outside, but water help maintains your level of moisture from the inside also.
Drinking plenty of water is the first step to moisturizing your curls.
At the end of the day, you can only gain from trying to take better care of yourself even if it starts with your hair.
 If we just happened to get luscious curls in process that’s just bonus!
Do you use the unconventional method to grow your natural hair?